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The Law Offices of G. Lynn Thorpe offers a full array of representations for corporations, venture capital firms, and private equity firms with capital formation, corporate counsel and regulatory compliance activities.


Structured Finance opportunities provide an emerging or long established companies with a mechanism to obtain operational capital without such company having to be fully credit worthy. Structured Investment Vehicles are a specialty of our Firm in meeting client needs in real estate, finance, and general corporate activities.


Whether a client is seeking operational capital, an improved balance sheet, or levering assets with lower cost, our Firm can provide both legal direction and opportunities which are generally available through our network of associated firms.


Our Firm also offers Emerging Companies:


  • In-depth experience representing emerging companies

  • A focus on the emerging needs of companies

  • A network of investors and other invaluable relationships

  • Our Firm's capabilities scale with our clients as they grow

  • Global resources can be called upon when required


The Law Offices of G. Lynn Thorpe’s relationships create a web of resources our clients can tap into to expand. Our network doesn't stop there: our lawyers have strong ties with investment banks, accounting firms, universities, private equity funds, and public companies, and we put this network to work for our clients.  


Our Firm’s Structured Finance Practice is active in representing venture capital, private equity, and corporate strategic investors in startup and early-stage companies. Our experience serving both companies and investors gives us the breadth of knowledge to address the cutting-edge issues that arise in today’s global venture capital environment.

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