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 G Lynn Thorpe, PLLC

G. Lynn Thorpe, PLLC recognizes that countless people rely on us, including:


Our Clients,

Our Lawyers,

Staff, and

Our Communities.


We accept this responsibility and constantly work to strengthen and preserve this sembiotic connection as our firm strives to make sure we continue to expand into the future.


~ G. Lynn Thorpe ~

With our core assurances in corporate, structured finance and securities law, we serve as Corporate Counsel assisting in various aspects of development including capital formation, start up and “phase-one” development as well as ongoing corporate legal matters.


Our attorneys represent licensors, licensees, developers, investors, sellers and purchasers of new and existing companies, vendors and buyers of content from both start-up and emerging companies. Serving such diverse clients gives us the ability to understand all aspects from technology through to intellectual property transactions as they relate to our clients’ financial and business goals.

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