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Since the inception of our Firm, we have dedicated ourselves to several mutually dependent goals: serving our clients and building an enduring link between them and the communities and industries we serve. Today, we have association lawyers in offices worldwide working together to pursue these objectives. We are proud of the Firm we have built and the services we’ve delivered and we are excited about the future directions that continue to evolve.


Our Firm is dedicated to our clients as recognized in our core purpose, which was formed to help our clients achieve their goals and solve their problems. This fundamental objective permeates in everything we do:


  • We develop a real working understanding of our clients’ businesses and objectives;

  • We focus on the areas that are the greatest importance to our clients;

  • We are positioned in locations both domestically and internationally that enable us to serve our clients best, today and in the future;

  • We focus on our clients concerns, in which we can make a significant difference;

  • We consistently deliver service at the highest levels of quality and reliability; and, most importantly,

  • We interact with our clients at a personal level in a way, which reflects our dedication to their interests.


We represent companies in a wide variety of transactions, including capitalization and development of agreements to develop, license, test, market, distribute, co-brand, protect, and acquire or divest technology and related intellectual property rights. We have extensive experience in finance, securities, technology and software, Internet entertainment, traditional and new media, and real estate.

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We Are Dedicated People...


Our Firm's network of lawyers are truly exceptional. They are among the most skilled and dedicated lawyers and staff in the world, that embrace a unique set of core values, which shape the way they serve our clients and interact with each other. We maintain environments, which foster teamwork and a seamless dedication of resources to service our clients.


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