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Feel assured that we will structure and negotiate the best deals from acquisitions to mergers, from large, complex middle market companies to the acquisition or sale of a small company, to the development of a new company.


In recent years, we have closed more than $2.5 billion in transactions, including the representation of public and private enterprise entities.


The Firm is able to provide clients the assistance necessary at all stages of a company’s growth, from the initial period when strategies must be developed, tactics evaluated and solicitation materials prepared through completion of the solicitation process of capital formation.


We guide clients with assurance through the myriad of issues raised by using consideration other than cash, such as stock or debt, including tax considerations, valuation issues, price protection mechanisms, Securities Act of 1933 registration and registration rights from start-ups to merger and acquisitions of another company.


We ensure compliance with all appropriate state and federal law that govern employment issues from immigration to disability; providing assurance of asset protection and conservation strategies.

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For new start-ups the selection of the proper entity is critical - S-Corp., C-Corp., LLC, General and Limited Partnerships, business trust, etc. — the full range of possibilities and advice regarding the pros and cons of establishing the company in the client’s home state or another state requires experienced counsel.

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