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Our real estate practice is focused on the needs of developers of residential, commercial or mixed used projects with particular emphasis on real estate finance. During times of market appreciation or in down markets, the Firm has been instrumental in working through challenging obstacles and delivering results for our clients.


We advise clients on all phases of real estate investment, development, financing and operations, ranging from purchases and sales, leases and financings to sophisticated joint ventures and large portfolio, multi-state transactions.


In real estate financing, we advise U.S.-based and non-U.S.-based institutions on traditional mortgage lending activities, as well as a variety of creative financing devices. Our Firm has experience with global investors and lending institutions seeking investments and loans in the United States.


Understanding your business and legal needs warrants focused attention as has been done for decades. The Structured Finance Practice has been creatively developing strategies and structures to meet the sometimes very challenging needs of the client. From our Real Estate Advanced Liquidity structure to our Asset Liquidity Enhancement structure, both entailing new structured finance concepts, our Firm has demonstrated its ability to be creative and flexible. Our Firm provides such creativity and flexibility in an efficient cost-effective manner leveraging technology and utilizing our data bank of documents and legal knowledge base.

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As a result of the Firm's extensive experience in finance, the Mayor and City Council of the City of San Diego appointed Mr. Thorpe as Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee of the San Diego Ball Park Task Force II, which represents the largest public/private real estate financing in the City's history.

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