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 G Lynn Thorpe, PLLC

The Firm services both public and private entities as well as not-for-profit organizations. Over the years the Firm has prided itself on its contributions to economic and social improvement projects and ventures, which has benefited our clients and the communities involved. See our Capitalizations page for more details on our recent major projects.


As corporate counsel the Firm works closely with its clients to fully understand the goals and mission of the company and bring to bear more than just legal expertise but to also provide insights into the future based on our knowledge base and experience. Such counsel benefits our clients greatly over time, saving time and money as well as bringing opportunities to light.


The Firm is currently handling large distressed asset transactions in the consumer credit, and real estate industries, which clients see as unique opportunities. Such transactions involve counseling, negotiating, document preparation and working successfully with diverse personalities domestically and internationally to obtain the desired results.  


The Firm prepares all corporate filings, resolutions, obtains state required licenses, prepares and files trademark and copyright documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, drafts human resource policies and procedures, employee handbooks as well as ensures compliance with a wide variety of state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing employment from OSHA to EEOC to ERISA.




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Mr. Thorpe's experience and training as Principal Attorney has been instrumental in attracting domestic and international clients for corporate counsel services with full assurances for providing new and developing companies with all aspects of legal advice and documentaton for creating a solid legal foundation to facilitate the client's expeditious and controlled growth.



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