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"Our emphasis is not only placed on the strict legal aspects of each matter, but also the need to expedite the client's objectives through creative thinking with speed and precision within the parameters of the law."

G. Lynn Thorpe

Our Firm provides

Legal and Structured Finance

Advisory Services

With over 25 years in practice our Firm has worked on major financings totaling in the billions of dollars, with special emphasis in the private sector on start-up's and developing companies.


Legal and structured finance advisory services are also provided to high net worth individuals seeking special opportunities, performing assets, and asset protection counseling.


Our network of attorneys from New York to California enables us to provide a high quality of services for corporate clientele in most states.


In addition, our attorneys serve as counsel and co-counsel on public and private enterprise financings, as well as corporate debt and equity financings.

The Firm's Approach

 Practice Areas Include:


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